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Body Rejuvination

Cellulite, skin tightening, fat dissolve, and scar treatments

Regen RX Help’s goal is to help you understand, “It’s your body; love the way you look and feel.” Although aging is inevitable, with our help we can make your aging process a little bit easier. By providing a multitude of procedures centered around achieving a graceful, youthful, and healthy looking skin.

Microneedling, skin regenerative treatments, laser skin tightening, carboxytherapy and mesotherapy are all services offered at Regen RX in Cranston, RI to help achieve this goal. These offered treatments are designed to give you a body to be proud of.

Mesotherapy Treatments

Are you looking for a nonsurgical way to lose weight and eliminate cellulite and localized fat deposits? Mesotherapy is the solution. Mesotherapy is a series of homeopathic injections filled with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Injections are administered directly into the layer of fat under the skin called the mesoderm. Once injected, fat cells begin to melt and shrink before being naturally excreted.

The best part about Mesotherapy is that there is absolutely no scarring, no recovery time, minimal pain and bruising after treatment. Mesotherapy is your solution to dramatically reduce unwanted areas of fat and cellulite. Schedule a consultation with us to learn all about the benefits, risks, and expectations of your Mesotherapy treatment.

PR Pen – Microneedling Treatments

While most microneedling is performed with slanted or rounded insertions that can end up causing epidermal damage, PR pen treatments are different. This microneedling device allows for vertical insertion of the needles, which helps you get more out of the regenerative process while avoiding some of the painful side effects of other insertion styles.

The final outcome of your PR pen treatment is better looking skin with very minimal recovery time. It can also be combined with other regenerative treatments to enhance the overall results you see. The Microneedling PR Pen, is also used to treat scarring that is stubborn and non-responsive to dermatological topical treatments. Schedule a consultation with us to learn all about the benefits, risks, and expectations of your Microneedling treatment.


Advanced infrared laser technology helps both men and women achieve a smoother texture for their body. Candela GentleMax Pro gently heats the supportive tissues within a patient’s skin to improve the appearance of their lower face, jaw line, under the chin, and the abdomen.

Within six months of starting your treatments you will begin to truly notice just how much this process is improving the condition of your skin. This is a great rejuvenation process that doesn’t have any downtime and is sure to help you get a smoother, toned texture for your skin. Schedule a consultation with us to learn all about the benefits, risks, and expectations of your laser treatment.


Carboxytherapy is an innovative method of rejuvenating the epidermis based on the properties of carbon dioxide.  It helps fight against age-related changes, improves skin elasticity, eliminates wrinkles and pigmentation, and fights acne.

Carboxytherapy is a cosmetic procedure in which carbon dioxide is introduced into or under the skin.  In response to the excess of CO2 (hypercapnia) in the tissue, a large amount of oxygen is delivered to the lesion.  This activates local blood flow, cell metabolism and collagen synthesis.  CO2 saturates the skin much more effectively than oxygen.  The epidermis responds to exposure to carbon dioxide as a stressor by increasing blood circulation and stimulating active production of collagen, the main building material of cells.

The treatment improves the condition of the skin and helps with rosacea, couperose, acne, psoriasis and stretch marks.

Contact us when you are looking to tighten up your skin and regain your youthful appearance. Our mesotherapy and body rejuvenation services are available to clients located throughout the Cranston, Rhode Island, area.